As the World Turns Episode Recap Friday, February 22, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,211----Ameera watches Luke and Noah at Java and then follows them home. Ameera explains that Noah’s father was her mother’s lover in Iraq. Now her mother is dead and Ameera is afraid for her life. Ameera used the last of Col. Mayer’s money to get out of Iraq. Noah and Luke discuss whether to trust Ameera and what to do about it. Ameera asks Noah if Luke is his cousin. Luke hears Noah say, he’s a friend, but then Noah sees him, takes his hand and says a special friend.

Holden and Lily find them selves alone together – no kids, no Emma – and Holden kisses Lily. Lily and Holden are starting to make love when suddenly Lily freezes and pulls away. Lily says a lot has happened and they can’t just pick up where they left off. Lily asks Holden to give it time and reestablish trust. Before Holden can respond, Luke tells them about Ameera.

Vienna is spellbound by the necklace as a note arrives from Gray asking her to meet him down stairs. Vienna lies to Henry and sneaks out for a rendezvous with Gray. Gray is plying Vienna with vintage champagne when Brad and Bonnie enter. Brad is about to intervene with Vienna, when frustrated Bonnie says allow me. Henry storms in and socks Gray. Vienna calms Henry’s fears with protestations of love and they fall into bed. Henry is asleep post sex. Vienna gets a phone call from Gray, offering to give her back the diner, but Vienna says no. Katie sees Bonnie and Brad at the bar, and Brad invites her to join them for a drink, but she declines.

Jack and Carly prepare to gaslight Kit. Jack imitates CJ’s voice. Kit is frightened when she hears CJ’s voice. A combination of drugs, guilt and imagination gets Kit to start spilling her guts, when Jack’s cell starts ringing and ruins everything. Jack visits Katie and tells her she ruined his plan. Jack returns to Carly and they make plans to get to Kit. They come together over their love of Parker and their determination to save him.

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