As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, December 7, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,159----After Craig leaves to find Chris, Eli moves in. Meg tells stung Paul that Craig will be a wonderful father. Craig tells Meg he hopes Chris can change Bob’s mind about bringing the research lab to the hospital. Evan moves in, they have a problem.

Craig finds Chris, who has plans to take their project to the next level. Chris meets secretly with Evan, defying Bob’s orders. Chris encourages Evan to start planning for a research lab at Memorial. Furious Bob dismisses Evan, than lays into Chris for going against direct orders. Dusty, unnoticed, overhears Bob and Chris fighting. Angry Chris vows his father will regret this. Dusty returns from his meeting, and finds Bob sprawled out on the floor. Kim arrives, horrified, as Dusty cannot revive Bob.

Eli has a surveillance tape proving that Rosanna changed the results of Meg’s unborn baby’s paternity test. Eli knows the real father is Rosanna’s husband. Rosanna won’t let the truth come out. Eli blackmails her and names his price to keep quiet about the true results of the paternity test. Rosanna agrees, but demands Eli give her the security tape upon payment. Craig is twigged when he sees Rosanna with Eli.

Carly warns Katie it would be a terrible mistake to sleep with Brad. Carly accuses Katie of burning her bridges with Jack. Brad blasts Carly, tells her to stay out of it, and let him be with Katie. Jack realizes Carly has ruined his chance at reconciling with Katie. Carly warns Brad he’ll never have a future with Katie. Jack thinks what Carly did may have pushed Katie right into bed with Brad. Brad and Katie finally make love.

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