As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, December 5, 2008

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Episode #13,410----Brad voices his suspicions to Katie that Spencer wasn’t working alone. Unable to tell Brad about Craig, Katie tries to get him off this track as Margo arrives to apologize for not listening to Brad sooner. After Margo goes, Katie gets a call from Craig, who wants to get their story (his alibi) straight. Meanwhile, Craig tells Dani he is pleased with all the work she’s done for him. He warns her that she’ll need to act surprised when she sees him in public. Later, Margo is shocked when Craig appears at the station. She wants to arrest him for Paul’s car bombing, but Craig says he has an alibi – Katie. Margo calls Katie to the station, who pretends to be surprised at seeing Craig. Katie gives her statement to Margo, saying Craig was with her at the time of Paul’s attack. Margo remains skeptical, but says Craig can go free.

Dusty interrupts Bonnie and Derek’s date at Metro where he is hiding out. Bonnie refuses to hide him from the police, but says she’ll represent him if he truly shot Paul in self-defense. Bonnie isn’t pleased when Derek offers to bring Meg to Dusty. Meanwhile, Paul is anxious to get out of the hospital, but frustrated to learn Dusty is still on the lam for his shooting. Meg brings him home and puts him to bed. Derek arrives and tells Meg that Dusty wants to see her. She goes and blasts Dusty for shooting Paul. Meg doesn’t believe it was in self-defense and tells Dusty they are no longer friends. Meanwhile, Paul is visited by James, who congratulates Paul on finally ridding himself of Dusty. Meg returns home and they share a moment hanging their baby’s Christmas stocking. Alone, Meg calls in Dusty’s whereabouts to the police. Meanwhile, after his encounter with Meg, Dusty isn’t sure what his next move will be. Margo shows up to arrest him, and Dusty names Bonnie as his lawyer. Dusty then arrives at the station and comes face-to-face with Craig.

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