As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, December 26, 2008

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Episode #13,424----Craig wants him and Katie to have a fresh start, but she’s unwilling. He tracks her down at the studio to plead with her but Katie gets Kim to escort him to the door. Alison shows up at WOAK, determined to get blood samples from all of Johnny’s relatives and offers Kim a cover story. Kim tells Katie that Alison is looking for blood donors and asks Katie to do a PSA. Katie agrees and lets Alison take a sample of her blood. Craig overhears and offers to donate if it’ll get Katie to love him again. But she denies him, and he goes. Later, Katie and Alison do the PSA on-air as Dusty and Craig watch from the Lakeview. Dusty and Craig taunt each other until Craig leaves. He goes upstairs to visit Alison and has a near miss with Lucy and Johnny. Ali is relieved as Lucy watches a safe Johnny play with his airplane toys.

Barbara asks Josie to visit Paul as Jennifer, to calm him down. Josie declines at first, then goes along. Paul then sees a vision of Johnny in danger. He tells Josie that Johnny is somewhere with “airplanes and parachutes.”

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