As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, December 19, 2008

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Episode #13,420----Paul, out of his mind, thinks Josie is Jennifer. When Josie confides in Dusty, he demands Paul not be told about Meg’s baby. Barbara hears Meg had her baby, but has to agree that Paul can’t handle the news. Emotional Barbara holds her granddaughter for the first time. She warns Dusty not to use the child as a substitute for Johnny. Barbara goes off to have Paul committed. Later, Josie is with Paul when he hears the baby crying. Seeming saner, Paul guesses it’s his daughter, and demands Josie take him to her. Meg is shaken when Paul enters her room to see the baby. But she finally lets him hold the newborn. In the hall, Josie sees Dusty approach the door, and tries to waylay him. Dusty figures out what she’s doing and lambastes her. When they take Paul away from his child, he loses it again. Barbara is devastated, as Paul has to be restrained and medicated. She signs the commitment papers, and Paul is taken off to the psych ward. As he’s wheeled out, Josie watches Dusty comfort emotional Meg.

Holden comes to the hospital to see Meg and meets his new niece. He’s not pleased to see Dusty being so attentive, but Holden holds his tongue. Meg insists Dusty saved her and her baby. Alone with Dusty, Holden thanks him for being there, but the Snyder family will take care of Meg from now on.

Lily is worried about Jade. Luke was so upset about Jade going to jail, he couldn’t face her and took off. Bonnie thinks she may have a way to help Jade. But when she asks Derek to work on the case, he refuses. Meanwhile, Jade rips Lily for turning her in and letting her get arrested. Lily promises to do whatever she can to free Jade. Hearing that Bonnie struck out with Derek, Lily goes to convince him to help Jade – for Rose’s sake. Derek reluctantly agrees, but he makes them promise no one will tell Jade about the possibility that Derek could be her father. Derek gets a lead and will go investigate. But he warns it’s a long shot, and with the holidays coming, Jade could be stuck in jail for Christmas and beyond.

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