As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, August 22, 2008

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Episode #13,339----Paul continues to keep the truth from Meg about Derek. They go to the doctor and get good news about the baby, but Emma calls Paul, saying a man is at the farm looking for his money. Paul, assuming it’s Derek, leaves Meg at the hospital. Paul arrives at the farm to another project worker in need of a check and he is relieved. However, Meg is having a twinge at the hospital when Derek suddenly appears. She recognizes him only as a business associate of Paul’s and allows him to help her. Derek takes Meg home and Paul freaks. Paul warns Derek to stay away from Meg but Paul gets the message that Derek means business.

Janet takes Liberty while Carly and Jack take Parker to the school carwash, in accordance with the new deal they made. Janet does not mention that she hasn’t yet told Brad about the deal. Carly makes snarky remarks about Janet to Jack when Janet shows off sexily for Jack but Jack tries to make Carly admit to a grudging admiration for Janet. Later Janet asks Carly if she’s really through with Jack because Janet really likes him and Carly says she is. Meanwhile Brad and Katie are mad at each other about the trick they tried to pull to separate Liberty and Parker. They make up and decide to find Liberty to apologize. They go to the car wash where Brad is furious to find Liberty with Parker, and to find the other three adults made an agreement without him. Janet is furious when Brad insists that he make the decisions regarding Liberty from now on, and she hoses him down. A water fight among adults ensues, infuriating and embarrassing Liberty, who runs off with Parker. Parker needs Liberty to tell him whether she was in on the trick they pulled, and she admits she was. He forgives her and they make out. Janet finds them, sends Parker off and tells Liberty not to turn to Parker only because of her anger towards the adults. Meanwhile, Katie won’t let Brad run after Liberty, but he talks to her later and she’s furious and defiant, telling him she’ll see Parker and there’s nothing he can do about it. Jack has a pragmatic guy conversation with Parker, which Carly hears and appreciates. Janet sees Carly and Jack in a close moment, but then Jack walks off with Janet, leaving Carly feeling alone.

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