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Home As the World Turns As the World turns Weekly Summary, Week of 11-16-09

As the World turns Weekly Summary, Week of 11-16-09

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Paul Leyden (Simon, As the World Turns)Jack goes to New York following a lead in Simon's art theft. He goes to a TV station and runs into Molly Conlan, the anchor, and a man who tears out of the office. The man turns out to be Congressman Silas Whitman. Molly and Jack go to a press conference where Molly expects Whitman to announce his eventual retirement from politics, but instead, he announces his intention to run for governor, alongside his wife and kids. Molly is livid and on her broadcast, tells everyone Whitman's secret. She gets fired. Jack calls Carly to come to New York to help. Carly, meanwhile, has been trailing Jack. Craig catches up to her and thinks she's been drinking, but she hasn't. She admits having opened a vodka bottle, but poured it out. She and Craig get close in their hotel room, but she tells him to go home to Rosanna. He does, and Rosanna suggests they get married. Craig thinks of Carly, but says yes. Jack helps Molly clean out her office at the TV station. They leave in her car, but Jack quickly reazlizes her breaks have been tampered with and they pull over. Jack & Molly go to a cop she's friendly with, Joe, and they plot to get Whitman to confess about messing with her breaks on tape. Molly invites Whitman, who's just leaving his usual lunch spot, to talk in her car. He'll go if she promises not to take him anywhere. Molly agrees, but once he's in the car, she acts like she's about to take him for a ride. Whitman confesses that he doesn't want her to start the car, because he hired someone to tamper with her breaks. Molly lets him out, satisfied she has his confession on tape (she's wired). Carly's arrived on the scene and she and Molly share a warm greeting. Joe leaves and they go to a coffee shop to catch up. Molly's disappointed with her choices in men, and she goes to the bathroom to pull herself together. Carly, once again, unsuccessfully tries to convince Jack to return to Oakdale. Jack and Carly, well dressed, attend the benefit at the art gallery, poke around, and find a trace of one of Simon's aliases, Bartley Symington. Jack/Carly dance and someone cuts in - Simon.

Noah's taken to the hospital. Holden notifies Lily, who goes to the hospital immediately with Damian to support Luke. Damian arrives just in time to stop Luke from beating Mason up. Mason runs off, but returns later to verbally threaten Luke some more, this time with a lawsuit. Mason tells Luke that Noah's injuries are Luke's fault. Luke, Damian's son, steps up and tells Mason in his most assured and deadly voice that Mason had better stay away from him and Noah. Mason leaves. The Doctor wants to know where Noah's family is, because he'd like to perform a risky but potentially necessary procedure, but Luke can't get in touch with Noah's aunt. Luke's distraught that he can't help Noah because they aren't legally family. Damian suggests to Lily that they adopt Noah. Meg keeps taunting Damian with the fact that she knows he hid the DNA evidence proving Holden wasn't dead. Noah needs to have a procedure to reduce the swelling in his brain, and soon. But he has no insurance, so attempts are made to contact his aunt, but she doesn't answer. Lily and Damian agree to adopt Noah so they may cover his surgery. Noah returns from ICU and his bandages are removed for the first time since his surgery yesterday. Noah can't see. He lashes out at Damian and Luke. When Lily tells him that she and Damian have decided to adopt him, to help him with his medical costs, Noah refuses. A social worker and Luke finally convince Noah to let Luke, Lily and Damian care for him. Damian's stuff is being moved into Lily's house. Holden stops by and tells Lily if Damian moves in he'll move the kids out to the farm. Lily won't back down, but Holden's threat hurts and frustrates her. Holden tells Meg Damian's moving in with Lily. Meg goes to Damian and threatens to tell Lily Damian's secret. Damian whisks Meg to his hotel room and makes love with her in order to keep her quiet for now. Holden get's a phone call and leaves town.

Liberty, instead of going to the library to work on her college essay, goes to Yo's to get a drink. The bartender recognizes her ID is a fake, but before he calls the cops, Dusty steps in. Dusty and Liberty have a heart to heart and he expresses his condolences to her over her father's passing. Back at the farm, Janet doesn't know how to deal with Liberty and all the loss in their family. She leans on Dusty for support. Dusty complies and they share a warm moment. Dusty leaves. Liberty, inspired off her talk with Dusty, writes her college essay. Janet's touched by it.

Barbara discovers Emily and Paul might be giving a lot of money to Mick, and she yells at them for investing in such a clear scam. Mick sweet talks Barbara, noting that his work could help cells rejuvenate and help cancer patients. Mick insists he needs human trials before the FDA will approve his work and Barbara signs up so she can oversee Mick's miracle claims for herself. Alison and Casey run into each other in Old Town and awkwardly try to reconcile as friends. Later, Maddie tries to make love with Casey, but Casey's distracted and extracts himself from the situation. He goes to the hospital to try to get his old job back, and he sees Ali taking care of Mick who's come in due to a persistent nose bleed. Mick won't let a doctor examine him and he rushes out on confused Ali. Meanwhile, Maddie and Hunter's avatars continue to flirt online. Alison discovers that Hunter's perusing Maddie so she can potentially get back together with Casey and Alison angrily recognizes Emily's handiwork in the scheme.

Katie, much to Margo's skepticism, hires a psychic. Brad's hopeful that perhaps the psychic will help him break through and show himself to Katie. The psychic soon reveals himself to be a fraud, and Brad kicks the chair out from under him in frustration. Terrified, the psychic leaves. Katie's bewildered, and asks Brad, if he's there, to give her a sign. Brad tries to move the chair again. Brad has no luck in convincing Katie he's actually there. Janet comes over with food and diapers. Katie wonders aloud to Jacob what she'll be able to do as a mother. Henry comes over (with Brad) but Katie slams the door on him (them). Henry insists on spending some time with Jacob, and Katie relents. Brad teaches Henry a cowboy song for Jacob and we see a slight thaw in Katie. Henry's served with a restraining order, commanding him to keep 50ft way from Katie at all times. He's devastated and pleads with Margo to make it go away. Margo tells him she can't help him, and she encourages him to do his part by testifying against Ralph in court soon. Henry can't even get a lawyer to represent him, and as he leaves the Police Station one of Ralph's thugs follows him out.
Henry is accosted by a thug in his hotel room. The thug wants to make sure Henry won't rat out Ralph. Henry interacts with Brad, which makes the thug thinks Henry's cracking up. The thug would harm Henry but Brad is able to lift up a vase which scares the thug off. Henry & Brad go see Katie. Teri receives a summons to appear at Ralph's hearing.

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