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Home As the World Turns As the World Turns Weekly Summary, Week of October 12, 2009

As the World Turns Weekly Summary, Week of October 12, 2009

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Ewa de Cruz (Vienna, As the World Turns)Katie's unable to rouse passed out Vienna from the floor of Al's Diner - they're both in danger of dying of smoke inhalation. Katie sprains her back, and calls Henry for help but he's with Barbara and lets the phone go to voicemail. Luckily Brad rushes in, sends Katie outside, and carries Vienna out. Katie reaches Henry and manages to sputter that there's been a fire and Vienna was involved. Henry rushes to the hospital, guilty to have been with Barbara during a time when Vienna needed him. A bouquet of flowers arrives for
Vienna and Henry realizes there's a death threat. Katie confronts Henry and tells him she knows where he was. Henry confesses all to Katie. He wonders what he should do now that Ralph seems to be willing to endanger the people he loves and Barbara won't unfreeze his inheritance. Katie knows Henry, master schemer, can come up with something. Henry takes Vienna home and pampers her. Barbara knocks on the door and requests Henry visit her later. Vienna's unaware of Henry's indiscretion. Henry tries to put an end to his relationship with Barbara. He tells her he needs the money as a matter of life or death, but Barbara's convinced there's something real between them. Later, Audrey takes Vienna to the hospital to have a post fire inhalation check up, so Henry's free to convince Barbara to unfreeze his inheritance. Barbara ignores Henry's calls so Henry goes to Paul. Paul won't get involved, but he writes Henry a check for $10,000. Henry goes to a poker game. At the hospital Audrey runs into Barbara who's there for a checkup with her oncologist. Audrey sympathizes with Barbara. Barbara admits to Audrey that she's been having an affair with a younger man. Audrey convinces Barbara to revel in the affair and throw caution to the wind. Audrey also emphasizes to Barbara that Vienna will be detained all day at the hospital. Barbara goes off to seduce Henry and Audrey calls him to give him the heads up. Henry's too busy with his poker game and in a desperate move he cheats. The poker players are about to tear Henry apart for cheating when Ralph walks in and calls off the men (evidently his thugs). Henry apologizes but Ralph's disappointed in him. Back at the hospital Vienna's suspicious of why Audrey insists she take so many tests. Vienna manages to sneak out, only to return home and find Barbara lounging in lingerie in her bed. When Vienna assumes Henry wouldn't be having an affair with someone like Barbara, insulting her, Barbara insists that she did in fact have an affair. They start to fight and Henry comes in to it. He breaks it up but can't deny that he slept with Barbara. Vienna tells Katie about it and Katie tries to defend Henry but Vienna is too upset by it, and leaves for Sweden. Henry also wants to leave town, scared of Ralph. Barbara hears that she's cancer-free.

At Metro, Dusty recognizes Ralph as a con-artist but Teri will hear none of it. Later in the day Teri runs into Dusty and Bonnie preparing for a romantic weekend getaway. Dusty and Teri bicker. Teri tells Bonnie she doesn't approve of her taste in men. Bonnie and Dusty prepare to leave for their trip. Meanwhile, Ralph has the diner fixed up. Janet's grateful but Dusty tells her that Ralph isn't to be trusted. Teri defends her family and tells Dusty off. Dusty leaves Al's without breakfast. He and Bonnie are set to leave for a Caribbean vacation, but Jessica shows up in town, concerned about her daughter's relationship. Bonnie insists that what she has with Dusty is fun and fine, but Jessica thinks Bonnie's falling in love with an unavailable man. Bonnie stands up for herself, but does wind up asking Dusty if he sees a future with her. Dusty tells Bonnie he can't give her anything more than fun with no strings attached. Bonnie rushes out on him in tears. She returns to Jessica who consoles her. Teri sees Dusty break Bonnie's heart and she tells him off for being a careless jerk. Dusty yells at Teri for not knowing what she's talking about.

Johnny makes a remark that leads Parker to become suspicious about Rosanna and Craig's relationship. He finds them kissing in Milltown and they're all distraught about the situation. Parker tells Craig he won't tell Carly if Craig promises to stop seeing Rosanna. Craig and Rosanna remorsefully agree to stop seeing each other. Later, Craig and Rosanna need one of Carly's drawings for a Marketing meeting. They search her bedroom for it and kiss, but Parker sees this and is appalled. He's upset with Craig, who tries to bribe him with control of his trust fund. Parker tells him to go to hell. Later, Jack tells Craig and Rosanna he spoke with Carly. They're relieved to hear that Carly and Jack only talked about the children. Parker will keep their secret if Craig promises to hand over his trust fund. Rosanna's against it, but their hands are tied. Craig and Rosanna try to stay apart but their passion overwhelms them and they make love.

Liberty oversleeps on the day of the SATs. Emily shut off the alarm to let her sleep, because she's pregnant. Parker comes to pick her up and they get to school, but Mr. Stubbs tells her she didn't make it in time. Later, at Java, some friends of hers talk about the test and applying to colleges. They blow off some steam at a party at the LV. Liberty, so fed up, has a drink. Parker arrives and takes her out. In the park, Parker helps Liberty recover from her hangover. Liberty's still furious with Emily for causing her to miss the SAT's. When Liberty returns to Fairwinds, Emily immediately lectures her for drinking. Liberty tells Emily their arraignment is over. Emily's devastated that she's lost the chance to get a child for good. Paul comforts her. Meanwhile, Parker puts a kibosh on Brad and Janet's SAT celebrations, when he confides in them that Liberty didn't make the test. Jack notices Liberty crying in the park at the end of the day and the parents comfort her and put her to bed at Snyder Farm. Janet can't seem to let go of the idea of raising Liberty's child herself. Meanwhile, Parker has the idea to put a deposit down on an apartment for Liberty. Jack is wary, considering they lived together and it didn't work. Parker says it's just for her. Jack is also cautious that Liberty's pregnant, might need immediate assistance at some point or other. Parker tells Liberty she doesn't have to take it immediately, but after she sees it she's thrilled with it and is thankful to have Parker as a friend.

Damian finds out from his lawyer that his marriage to Lily stands because Holden was pronounced dead. He goes to tell Lily this but she doesn't believe him. They run into Holden giving Maeve a tour of Oakdale, and fresh out of a bar. Lily's surprised to see Holden with this blonde.

Brad and Katie go to the doctor for a sonogram. They find out that they're having a boy. Brad is excited and bonds with Jack over the good news and how happy he's been being back in Oakdale.

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