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Home As the World Turns As the World Turns Weekly Summary, Week of November 9, 2009

As the World Turns Weekly Summary, Week of November 9, 2009

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Billy Magnussen (Casey, As the World Turns)Carly goes to the police station to ask about Jack's history with Philadelphia. She sees a report of Jack and Irv on the TV there, so goes right to Philadelphia. Jack and Irv do jump, but there was a ledge there, so they stick it out. Jack's praised as a hero. Rosanna and Craig hear from Parker that Carly's gone after Jack, which sounds impulsive, and they try to catch her before she can see him. The two of them head to Philadelphia also. Carly asks Sgt. McGill for a favor and detains Craig and Rosanna so Carly can freely chase down Jack. Margo bails Craig and Rosanna out of jail in Philadelphia. Craig goes to talk to Carly, who flirts with him and leaves them both shaken. Jack visits Mike Kasnoff in Greenville, SC. Mike was injured and is working construction again. He's married to Anna, with a daughter named Caroline. Mike thinks Jack can help Katie. Jack tells Janet he's not coming back yet. Parker tells Carly this. Jack discovers Mike's hiding his car race from his wife. Jack encourages Mike to reconsider entering the car race, especially given his condition. Mike tells Jack to mind his own business. Jack knocks Mike out. Carly arrives in Greenville, looking for Jack. She meets Anna at Mike's house and they call Mike to see if he knows where Jack is. Jack answers Mike's phone and tells them to collect Mike in the race track locker room. They run to the race track locker room and find Mike unconscious. Our on the race track, Jack's decided to enter the race in Mike's place. Mike regains consciousness and he, Carly and Anna rush out to the track in time to see Jack's volunteered himself to take Mike's place in the car race. Carly, over a radio, urges him not to do it for the sake of his children, but Jack won't be deterred. Carly, Mike and anna fret that he'll be killed, but loop by loop Jack remains in the race and winds up winning it entirely. They're all thrilled. Jack encourages Mike to collect the winnings. He slips out back to his car in the parking lot. Carly leaves the winners circle in search of Jack and arrives in the parking lot in time to see him take off yet again. Jack leaves Margo a message wondering about Simon's last whereabouts.

Katie is sad, worried she won't be able to raise Jacob well enough on her own. She grows frustrated at Brad for leaving when he did. Brad is frustrated himself, able to see but not interact with his family. Henry, distracted by Brad, answers some questions for Margo, who thinks Henry's putting her on. Katie reads the note of Henry's that has Brad's promise about the Cubs on it, and wonders if Henry really can talk to Brad. Katie wants to believe that Brad has been visiting Henry. But when Katie asks if Brad's with them, Henry lies to her and says yes, he is (even though Brad's actually at church). Katie finds out Henry's lying to her and is furious with him, kicking him out.

Mason tells Luke that Noah would be more productive on set without him there. Irked by Mason's territorial attitude toward Noah, Luke grabs his collar. Noah walks in. Luke lets go of Mason and apologizes to Noah. He explains that Mason provoked him, but Noah's too stressed out to deal with Luke's behavior and he walks out. Luke vents to Damian, and show him the DVD of Mason kissing Noah. Damian comforts Luke, and inspires him to keep working on his relationship with Noah. Luke accidentally leaves the DVD in Damian's computer when he goes to talk to Lily. Luke supports Lily's decision to move forward with Damian. Noah's shoot is interrupted by the Dean, who asks him and Mason to come to his office immediately. Once alone with Noah, the Dean asks Noah if Mason has ever acted inapporpriately with him. Damian would prefer to spend time with Lily, but Meg keeps pestering him about so-called phone calls she keeps receiving from Officer Grady, concerning the fact Damian obscured the DNA test results that proved Holden wasn't necessarily dead. To shut her up, Damian kisses Meg. Noah asks Luke if he told the Dean about Mason's questionable behavior. Luke admits he did no such thing. They share a warm moment. Noah returns to the set, but Mason arrives intoxicated and upset about having just been fired for sexual misconduct. Mason urges Noah to realize Luke must be responsible for this, he leaves. Luke runs into Damian who admits he gave the Dean the DVD showing Mason kissing Noah. Luke's distraught that Damian would go behind his back, but Damian insists he was just looking out for Luke and Noah's relationship. Luke goes to gell Noah the truth, but Noah won't listen to him. Noah's too busy setting up his big scene involving fireworks, in case the school should shut down his film due to Mason's dismissal. Luke begs Noah to forgive him, but before they can resolve their differences the fireworks go off in Noah's face and he's blown off the ladder he was working on. Holden tells Lily he's hired a lawyer and he's petitioning for joint custody of the kids. Lily doesn't think they need a formal agreement, but Holden insists he wants to make sure the kids have a normal environment to grow up in at least part of the time. Lily takes offense, but Holden's convinced that the kids will only learn hard work and family loyalty with him on the Snyder Farm, not jet setting around the world with Damian. Lily goes to Damian, at the Lakeview and asks him to move back in with her. Meg overhears them, having snuck into Damian's hotel room. Meg's furious to hear that Damian still wants to be with Lily.

Alison is grabbed in the dark hospital stairwell by a guy named Mick Dante, who wants to talk to Bob about an investment / research opportunity but has been turned down. Alison calls Paul and Emily, whom Alison thinks might bankroll such a thing. Mick gives his spiel to Paul and Emily, a product from South America that rejuvenates at the cellular level. He adds some to a withered plant. Emily is all in favor of this, but Paul sees the whole thing as a scam. Later, the plant has blossomed and Emily has talked Paul into throwing a little money Mick's way.

Maddie tells Casey she's not going back to Wesleyan. Hunter is jealous of Casey since Maddie's into him. Hunter tells this to Emily, who suggests he just go for it. Hunter asks Maddie to make out. Maddie tells Casey this and Casey can't stop making fun of Hunter's social ineptitude. But Maddie and Hunter have a lot in common, especially an MMORPG (massively multi-player online role playing game) called Pantheon. Casey points out that for him and Maddie, opposites attract.

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