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Home As the World Turns As the World Turns Weekly Episode Summary, Week of October 19. 2009

As the World Turns Weekly Episode Summary, Week of October 19. 2009

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Colleen Zenk-Pinter (Barbara, As the World Turns)Audrey puts poison in Barbara's drink, trying to kill her. Barbara goes to drink, to celebrate her earlier doctor's appointment and her very good news that she is cancer free. But Henry, who has just spoken with Audrey on the phone, knows what Audrey has tried to do and tackles Barbara in time for her not to drink any. A cop comes to arrest Audrey for attempted murder. Later, Henry, ashamed of his actions, is preparing to leave and says goodbye to Katie. But Katie, pregnant as she is, wants to work it out for him. So she meets Ralph on
the rooftop, but knows she's bit off more than she can chew when his goons surround her. Ralph calls Henry who tries unsuccessfully to convince Ralph to let Katie go. Ralph's minions, Sal and Finn, take Katie to an abandoned warehouse where they recognize she's very pregnant. They're fed up with Ralph and they go to join a different gang, leaving Katie, alone and hungry, in the warehouse. Meanwhile, Brad has planned a surprise co-ed baby shower for Katie. Henry must try to pay Ralph off before Brad realizes she's missing, or Ralph vows to follow through on his promise to kill her. Henry confesses that Katie is being held hostage to Barbara. She believes him and they rush to the lawyer so Barbara can release James' money to Henry. Henry wants Katie safe and gives Ralph the check. But Ralph himself doesn't know where she is, not being able to get his goons on the phone, so Henry takes his check back. Henry stalls at the baby shower, knowing Katie won't be arriving very soon. Meanwhile, Katie is still in the warehouse. She is visited by visions of Henry, Craig and Margo, Brad, and her future son, all of whom help her deal with the situation and find a way out, through a boarded up window. But she can't quite fit, and snags her circle necklace on the ledge on her way down. The chain breaks and the necklace falls outside. She feels a pain and realizes she's going into labor. Katie has her baby. She is helped through labor by a vision of Brad and eventually has her baby boy. Someone shows up at the warehouse and while Katie hopes it's Brad, it's actually Ralph. Meanwhile at the police station, Brad is worries about Katie's disappearance and notices a graffiti artist (brought in on suspected vandalism) has possession of Katie's necklace. The graffiti artist is let go before Brad can figure out where he found it. Brad and Henry both go off to find Katie without help from the cops. Henry goes to a poker den and gets the name of a warehouse. Brad follows the graffiti artists and threatens him into divulging where he found Katie's necklace. In the warehouse, Katie awakes to find Ralph cradling her baby. She realizes he's come to kill them. Ralph can't pull the trigger, but will leave Katie and the baby locked up. Katie, dying from loss of blood, begs Ralph to save her child. Ralph won't. Suddenly, a door opens and Ralph hurriedly switches off the lights so the room is plunged in darkness.

Janet and Liberty are at an impasse since Liberty isn't sure if Janet cares more about Liberty's baby than Liberty herself. Jack goes to Craig to talk about Parker's trust fund, how Jack doesn't think Parker should have access to it as an immature teenager, when he finds Rosanna there. Rosanna almost tells Jack about her and Craig, but doesn't. Jack knows something's up, and leaves. Craig and Rosanna agree to pull back on the trust fund, and will tell Carly everything when she gets home. Later, Jack's convinced that Craig is hiding something and Margo agrees. Craig wouldn't release Parker's trust fund to him unless he was trying to pay Parker off for some reason. Jack goes to Parker, who admits to him that Craig and Rosanna are having an affair. Craig and Rosanna decided they can't give Parker the money and that they'll tell Carly, as soon as she's well and home, about their transgression. Jack doesn't yell at Ro and Craig about their affair, but he asks them that they keep Parker out of it. Parker's upset when he learns he cannot have access to his trust fund. Parker has to tell Liberty he didn't get the money for her apartment and she won't be able to move in. Parker goes to Craig and Rosanna, who encourage him to tell Liberty the truth. Parker goes back over and is again about to tell Liberty when Paul and Emily show up to tell Liberty (and Janet) their plan, to move Liberty out to Malibu for the time being. Liberty takes Parker outside and he finally tells her she can't get the apartment. Liberty is disappointed and Janet thinks Paul/Emily are getting to her, and so calls Brad, who leaves the baby shower (that hasn't started yet) to confront Paul. Emily tries to intervene. Liberty calls Parker to meet up with her. However, when they are together, a football player runs into Liberty. Parker brings her to a hospital and the doctors do all they can, but Liberty still loses the baby. Janet and Jack arrive. Janet and Liberty share a moment. Later, Janet finds Jack drinking beer at Yo's. Jack admits he went to talk to Carly. Janet's not mad, but thinks they should return home. Before she can get Jack in the car, Jack overhears Henry making a phone call about Katie. Jack demands Henry tell him what the call was regarding since he knows Katie's been MIA as of late. Henry breaks down and admits Katie's been kidnapped. Jack tells Henry to wait and call for backup while he goes and investigates the warehouse Henry thinks Katie may be held in. Henry follows Jack, after calling for backup, but when Jack and Henry arrive at the warehouse, the place is pitch black. They call out, but no one responds. Ralph has covered Brad's mouth and uses him as a human shield as he takes a shot at Jack. Jack instinctively shoots back into the darkness. When the baby cries out, Jack and Henry rush to him and they find Katie lying unconscious in a pile of boxes. Jack then trips over a something - Brad's motionless body.

Lucinda conspires to get Lily and Holden together. She thinks if they spend some alone time together in a cabin, they can mend their relationship. Luke begrudgingly agrees to help trick Holden into going to the cabin, by inviting him there to spend time with the children. Lily doesn't want to deceive Holden, but she will go to the cabin and she hopes she and Holden can resolve their differences. Meanwhile, Damian recognizes Maeve as a potential ally in his quest to break Holden and Lily up for good.

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