As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Van Hansis (Luke, As the World Turns)Episode #13,609----Eb is holding Luke, Jack and Damian at gunpoint, demanding the ransom money. Jack tries to find out if he has Holden. He won't answer and threatens to shoot Luke. Damian shoves him over the cliff into the ravine, but gets shot in the shoulder in the scuffle. While EMTs tend to Damian, a local cop tells Jack that Officer Grady is missing. Damian refuses to go to a local clinic and they fly back home to Oakdale where Luke takes him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Lucinda tries to convince Lily that the ransom demand is a hoax and that Holden isn't alive. Jack calls and tells Lily there's no sign of Holden, dashing her hopes once again. Jack comes to see Lily when he gets back and learns that Damian lied to her about going to Kentucky. Jack tells Lucinda Damian lied again, and gets a call from the Kentucky cop that Eb's body wasn't found and Grady's still missing. Jack is sure there's a connection.

Meg breaks into Damian's hotel room and finds the writing samples he never had analyzed. She brings them to Lucinda who shows them to Jack. Jack questions Damian at the hospital without revealing he's seen the samples. Damian lies and says the analyst still has them. Lily stops Jack from questioning Damian further. She can't believe he's so suspicious when Damian just saved Luke's life. Damian says he lied to Lily to protect her but she asks him not to hide things from her anymore. Meanwhile, Luke tells Meg to leave Lily and Damian alone. She can't believe he's defending them and says the truth about Damian will come out.

Back at the cabin, Holden tells Maeve that Eb is going to kill Grady the cop, collect the ransom money and disappear. Maeve says if he does, they're both dead, because no one will find them. She asks Holden about his life with Lily, and then tells him that Eb was a different person when she fell in love with him. Holden convinces her they need to escape. He knocks over her chair and unties her, then she gets an axe and he cuts through his chains. Maeve surprises him with a kiss as Eb walks in. He and Holden fight for the axe; Eb gets it and knocks Holden out. He tells Maeve to tie Holden's hands so they can get out of there.

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