As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara, As the World Turns)Episode #13,649----Barbara discovers Emily and Paul might be giving a lot of money to Mick, and she yells at them for investing in such a clear scam. Mick sweet talks Barbara, noting that his work could help cells rejuvenate and help cancer patients. Mick insists he needs human trials before the FDA will approve his work and Barbara signs up so she can oversee Mick's miracle claims for herself.

Alison and Casey run into each other in Old Town and awkwardly try to reconcile as friends. Later, Maddie tries to make love with Casey, but Casey's distracted and extracts himself from the situation. He goes to the hospital to try to get his old job back, and he

sees Ali taking care of Mick who's come in due to a persistent nose bleed. Mick won't let a doctor examine him and he rushes out on confused Ali. Meanwhile, Maddie and Hunter's avatars continue to flirt online. Alison discovers that Hunter's perusing Maddie so she can potentially get back together with Casey and Alison angrily recognizes Emily's handiwork in the scheme.

Jack helps Molly clean out her office at the TV station. They leave in her car, but Jack quickly reazlizes her breaks have been tampered with and they pull over. Jack & Molly go to a cop she's friendly with, Joe, and they plot to get Whitman to confess about messing with her breaks on tape. Molly invites Whitman, who's just leaving his usual lunch spot, to talk in her car. He'll go if she promises not to take him anywhere. Molly agrees, but once he's in the car, she acts like she's about to take him for a ride. Whitman confesses that he doesn't want her to start the car, because he hired someone to tamper with her breaks. Molly lets him out, satisfied she has his confession on tape (she's wired). Carly's arrived on the scene and she and Molly share a warm greeting. Joe leaves and they go to a coffee shop to catch up. Molly's disappointed with her choices in men, and she goes to the bathroom to pull herself together. Carly, once again, unsuccessfully tries to convince Jack to return to Oakdale.

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