As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, June 3, 2008

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Billy Magnussen (Casey, As the World Turns)  (c) Soapdom/Sue CoflinEpisode #13,532----Alison, Luke and Noah go to the memorial service for Adam to support Casey. After the minister reads a prayer another person arrives, Sgt. Riley Morgan. He says he befriended Adam in Afghanistan. Riley speaks some kind words about Adam at the memorial and Margo invites everyone back to the Hughes home for food. There, Riley gives Margo a CD - the only personal thing Adam ever gave Riley. Margo's touched, and Tom's advises her not to get too attached to Riley. Margo ignores Tom's advice and invites Riley to stay as long as he wants. Casey, in need of an escape, goes to the on-call room to make love with Alison. Meanwhile, Noah learns he's been accepted into the Film Department's honors program, which means he gets to produce/direct his own film. After meeting Sgt. Riley, Luke suggests Noah do the film on his own army experience.

Still on the hunt for Paul, Bonnie goes to the Farm Stand where she notices a baby (Eliza) but doesn't notice Paul who is hiding nearby having seen Bonnie coming. Bonnie's unsure if the baby is Eliza, and she dismisses her suspicions when a worker states that the baby is Edna's grandchild. Meanwhile, Dusty tries to get Len, the local police officer to work harder to try and find the missing baby. Rosanna spots Dusty in town and realizes Paul is in danger of being discovered. She suggests Paul go back to Oakdale but he insists that's not an option. Regardless, Ro says he must leave now or risk being found. Later, Bonnie and Dusty appeal to Len to get a photo of Eliza, distributed by the Oakdale PD, so Bonnie can establish if the baby she saw at the stand was her. Len gets a picture from the station and Bonnie realizes she saw Eliza.

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