As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Roger Howarth (Paul, As the World Turns)Episode #13,561----Lily tells Meg that the dirty tricks Damian and Dusty were supposedly playing on each other were actually being perpetrated by Paul who was trying to turn them against each other. Livid Meg confronts Paul and Barbara's distraught. Meanwhile, Dusty convinces Damian they should set Paul up as punishment for the tricks he played on them and their companies. Damian gives Dusty the contact information of a guy who works in demolitions. They agree to make it look like Paul placed a bomb in one of Damian's warehouses and was setting Damian up to take the blame for Dusty's death by said bomb. Dusty lures Paul to the warehouse where Damian is supposed to arrive with the police before the bomb actually goes off. Instead, Damian confesses all to Meg and she and he both go to stop Dusty from setting up Paul. Once there, they cannot disable the bomb and Paul grabs it and runs. The bomb explodes.

Luke gives Noah an old script of his to film for his senior project. Holden wants Luke to go back to school instead of helping Noah with his school work. Noah's advisor Mason Jarvis tells Noah that Luke's script is too complicated, and Noah agrees to work with Mason on a project Noah came up with. Luke's disappointed he won't be able to work with Noah on his script. Luke asks Holden to help him get back into school with Lucinda's connections.

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