As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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Episode #13,653----Jack wakes up in bed with Carly in a Pittsburgh motel room on Thanksgiving morning. He can't remember what happened the night before. In flashbacks, we see them at the Art Gallery, where Carly and Jack lose Simon. Jack's furious at himself for letting Simon get away. He almost runs into an oncoming car and he's ungrateful when Carly saves him. He goes to a bar, where Carly can only convince him to leave by almost taking a drink herself. Back at the hotel, Carly encourages Jack to forgive himself and embrace his mistakes. He continues to drink and she throws him in a cold shower. She is drenched in the process and the compass Jack gave her so long ago appears to be ruined. They fall asleep talking on the bed

Back in Oakdale, Janet's furiously making pies for Thanksgiving (the next day). Teri arrives in time to find Janet absentmindedly staring at the phone, willing Jack to call her, while her pies burn. Teri and Janet work together to make new pies, but Teri sees that she must do more to help her sister. She goes to Dusty and convinces him to use his connections to track Jack down. Teri let's Janet know that they've found out where Jack is and Dusty accompanies Janet to Pittsburgh to collect him. Once there, they see Carly and Jack asleep in bed together. Janet refuses to confront Jack and instead they drive through the night to return to Oakdale by Thanksgiving morning.

Katie asks a doctor to prescribe her a sleep aid, so she can get a good night's rest. The doctor's reluctant too, since she's Jacob's only caregiver. Katie runs into Henry, who tells her that Ralph was given the maximum sentence in court. Exhausted Katie asks Henry to babysit Jacob so she can nap. Katie decides to take some regular over-the-counter sleeping pills and as she's about to take more than the recommended dose, when Brad knocks the pill bottle from her hand. Confused Katie picks up the pills, wondering what happened. She brushes it off and sleepy from the pills she did take, she lies down to rest. She's awakened by the sound of Henry arguing. She stumbles into the living room and asks if Henry's talking to Brad. Henry says he is and Katie looks at the spot Brad's standing. She tells Brad she loves him and misses him, but she still can't see him. Katie tries to reach out to Brad, but the pills affects cause her to pass out. Henry catches her. Henry spends the night watching Jacob.

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