As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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Austin Peck (Brad, As the World Turns)Episode #13,511----For a segment on their program, Kim suggests Katie, Brad, Vienna and Henry take a childbirthing course at the hospital. Katie encourages Vienna not to invite Henry, since she thinks he's getting too possessive of the unborn child. Henry finds out and rushes to the hospital, upset by being left out. To help him feel like part of the group, Katie lets Henry hold the BotBaby - a doll that simulates a baby so expecting couples can practice caring for it. Henry runs off with it. Katie freaks out and wonders if Henry will kidnap the real baby. Vienna finds Henry at home, where he finally relinquishes the doll but states that he will not give up their child.

Holden, Noah and Luke go to New York for a Cubs game. Later, at a restaurant, they run into Lily who joined Damian impulsively for a business meeting. Holden's perturbed by the fact that Lily didn't communicate with him that she was suddenly flying to NY with Damian. Lily explains to Luke, Noah and Holden that Damian did a wonderful thing for Luke's foundation, all for Luke, who is touched. Holden and Lily make up. Damian's pleased he has made a small inroad with Luke.

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