As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Nioelle Beck (Lily, As the World Turns)Episode #13,565----Damian wants to get on Meg's good side, so with Lily's help, he tracks down a surgeon in New York that would be willing to come to Oakdale to care for Paul. Barbara, meanwhile, shows Paul pictures of his family, but he doesn't recognize any of them, nor does he feel a particular connection to them. Meg shows up and Barbara hopes she can have an effect, but not even Meg can. Paul asks about their relationship and figures Meg and her daughter are better off without Paul.

Dusty wants to plead guilty to setting the bomb that hurt Paul and fires Bonnie, but she won't give up without a fight. She's sure she can help him. She kisses him. He's not used to women helping him, but he'll take in under consideration.

Luke sees Noah and Mason working. Mason has to meet his partner, leaves. Noah is stressed out about his final project and Luke suggests they go out, blow off some steam. They go to Metro where they see Mason and his boyfriend, George, having a fight. George leaves and Luke and Noah hear Mason tell their story, how they met in Cannes and travelled around Europe and how George is bored and needy in Oakdale and that it's a source of tension. Luke and Noah promise not to end up like them.

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