As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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Jon Hensley (Holden, As the World Turns)Episode #13,506----Noah attacks Zoe. Her screams attract the attention of Zac, who's right outside with Damian at gunpoint. Zac moves into the storage locker and Damian wrestles the gun away from him. Margo appears and arrests Zoe and Zac. Lily and Holden rush to the hospital where Noah is being treated. Meanwhile, Zac and Zoe say Damian was the mastermind behind their plan. Damian asks Holden if Lily will speak up for him but Holden refuses. But Luke, after talking to Noah, goes instead and (without Damian realizing it) gets Damian off the hook. Margo releases Damian. Holden thanks Damian for saving the boys but tells him he should leave town. Lily slips out of the hospital and says goodbye to Damian. Noah advises Luke that he needs to get to know his biological father and Luke shows up in Damian's room, asking him not to leave. Damian agrees.

Parker shows Craig his new sports car, bought with the trust fund money released to him by Craig. Carly and Jack find out about and are furious. Jack reams Craig out and Craig is fed up, tired of being yelled at. Parker convinces Carly to go for a ride and he takes her to work, where Craig appears. He gives Carly a check, telling her that since she wants their relationship to be over, he's buying her out of Midnight Sun. Carly is surprised by how unhappy she is about this. Meanwhile, Jack is called to the dock, where he investigates Cesar's murder and learns to his consternation that guns were being smuggled in Midnight Sun vodka containers. Jack appears at Metro and tells Craig and Carly he's taking them in.

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