As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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Roger Howarth (Paul, As the World Turns)Episode #13,496----Alison hears from Nancy and Bob that the driver of the seniors van quit and the hospital can't afford to hire a new one. Alison suggests Casey take the job as part of his community service project to get back into school. Casey, who eventually agrees to the idea, is in a bad mood after Jade asks him for a drug connection in Old Town. Jade asks another guy for some pot. He turns out to be a cop, who brings her in to Margo. Margo doesn't press charges but rather wants Jade to contribute to the Margo. Margo doesn't press charges but rather wants Jade to contribute to the community. Bob later Casey and Alison that Jade will be working with Casey. Casey won't have it and bails, but Alison follows him to Java and talks him into it. Later, Casey's glad to be helping out, if only because he gets to spend time with Alison.

Paul suggests going to the Lakeview for lunch, but Meg doesn't want to go. Paul thinks that if what Meg says is true, that things are over with Dusty, then there's no problem. So Meg agrees to go with Eliza and Paul to the Lakeview. Dusty, Johnny and Lucy are just leaving when the other three arrive. Dusty gets Meg alone and asks her how long she's planning to keep up her charade. Meg is determined but Dusty cares too much to let her do this. As Meg leaves Dusty grabs her arm and Paul warns him to back off. Meanwhile, Lucy enters to spirit Dusty away. Paul accuses Meg of merely wanting access to Eliza. Meg denies it and goes to change Eliza. There's a thaw between them at Fairwinds, and even a moment of sexual tension. After Paul leaves, Meg convinces herself that she has to do this. Lucy, meanwhile, hears there's a problem with the pharmaceutical supplier and the shipment won't go out as planned. But Dusty comes down to the dock to convince Cesar to go through with the shipment and Lucy is thankful.

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