As the World Turns Episode Recap, Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Trent Dawson (Henry, As the World Turns)Episode #13,625----Henry must pay Ralph - or else. Audrey takes Vienna to the hospital to have a post fire inhalation check up, so Henry's free to convince Barbara to unfreeze his inheritance. Barbara ignores Henry's calls so Henry goes to Paul. Paul won't get involved, but he writes Henry a check for $10,000. Henry goes to a poker game. At the hospital Audrey runs into Barbara who's there for a checkup with her oncologist. Audrey sympathizes with Barbara. Barbara admits to Audrey that she's been having an affair with a younger man. Audrey convinces Barbara to revel in the affair and throw caution to the wind. Audrey also emphasizes to Barbara that Vienna will be detained all day at the hospital. Barbara goes off to seduce Henry and Audrey calls him to give him the heads up. Henry's too busy with his poker game and in a desperate move he cheats. The poker players are about to tear Henry apart for cheating when Ralph walks in and calls off the men (evidently his thugs). Henry apologizes but Ralph's disappointed in him. Back at the hospital Vienna's suspicious of why Audrey insists she take so many tests. Vienna manages to sneak out, only to return home and find Barbara lounging in lingerie in her bed.

Ralph has the diner fixed up. Janet's grateful but Dusty tells her that Ralph isn't to be trusted. Teri defends her family and tells Dusty off. Dusty leaves Al's without breakfast. He and Bonnie are set to leave for a Caribbean vacation, but Jessica shows up in town, concerned about her daughter's relationship. Bonnie insists that what she has with Dusty is fun and fine, but Jessica thinks Bonnie's falling in love with an unavailable man. Bonnie stands up for herself, but does wind up asking Dusty if he sees a future with her. Dusty tells Bonnie he can't give her anything more than fun with no strings attached. Bonnie rushes out on him in tears. She returns to Jessica who consoles her. Teri sees Dusty break Bonnie's heart and she tells him off for being a careless jerk. Dusty yells at Teri for not knowing what she's talking about.

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