As the World Turns Episode Recap, Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Marie Wilson (Meg, As the World Turns)Episode #13,592----Holden's funeral brings everyone, including Seth and Aaron, together. Damian supports Lily, much to Meg's resentment. A police officer brings a box of Holden's belongings to the church. Lily can barely contain her grief when she finds Holden's wedding ring in it. Faith, full of anger at Lily for kissing Damian, storms out of the funeral and rips up one the photos of Holden and Lily together. Parker tries to comfort Faith, but Faith instead confides in him about how she saw Lily and Damian kissing. Liberty feels sick all day and Janet wonders if she has the flu. Liberty still refuses to open up to anybody, including Parker about why she feels so bad. Meg asks Faith why she would rip up a photo of Lily and Holden, and Faith pointedly tells Meg to figure it out for herself. Lily goes to the pond to grieve and Lucinda stops Damian from following after her. At the pond, Lily tells Holden that wherever he is she's sure they'll be together again.

Holden wakes up in the Stones' cabin. Maeve tells him she's helped heal him since she and her husband, Eb, found him near the car wreckage. Holden's grateful but wants to get in touch with his family. Maeve tells him there's no phone and Holden's too weak to protest. When Eb arrives home, Holden tells them both about how Skaggs carjacked him. Holden appears to nod off to sleep and Eb tells Maeve they should kill Holden. Maeve convinces Eb not to kill Holden because he could have information about Skaggs and the money. Eb begrudgingly agrees, but doesn't like how Maeve has taken a liking to Holden. Holden wakes up some time later and tries to leave, but he discovers his legs are shackled to the bed.

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