As the World Turns Episode Recap, Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Noelle Beck (Lily, As the World Turns)Episode #13,508----Damian invites Luke, Lily and Holden to lunch. Lily and Holden go thinking it's a farewell but he tells them he's staying at Luke's request. Holden is upset but Luke explains and he accepts. Luke gets a call from the bank saying it will take a while to get his money back. Damian offers to cover the foundation's costs until it happens. Luke accepts. Luke tells Holden and Lily and Holden's upset. Lily says she can give Luke the money but he says he wants to take it from Damian because he feels like Damian owes him. Holden tells Lily if Damian's involved she has to resign but she refuses. Lucinda tells Damian not to insert himself in Lily and Holden's life. Damian politely tells her to mind her own business.

Lucinda tells Emily the Intruder is going digital and introduces her to Hunter, her new partner. Emily is furious and snubs Hunter, who eagerly tries to convince her he knows what he's doing. Meanwhile, Alison invites Jade to join her and Casey for lunch to try to co-opt her by making her a friend. Jade sees through it and they laugh about it. Alison gets Jade to flirt with a hunk at the bar, but it turns out he's married. Emily comes in with Hunter and at first Alison misinterprets and thinks she's robbing the cradle again. When she finds out the truth, Alison introduces herself to Hunter and gives him advice about Emily. She gets him to join their table. Hunter spills a drink on Jade then leaves mortified. Jade tells Alison not to fix her up anymore but Alison tells Casey she thinks Hunter has potential. Hunter goes back to Emily and using Alison's advice, wins her over a little.

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