As the World Turns Episode Recap, Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Marie Wilson (Meg, As the World Turns)Episode #13,503----Lily comes to Damian and tells him she got a note telling her where to drop off the ransom money - The Cloisters. Damian shows her the clipping he got from Lisa and explains his theory that this woman is somehow connected to the kidnappers. Damian gets her to agree to dress as the picture of the murdered woman, Anna Pinnarossa and try to smoke out the kidnappers. He wants her to make the kidnapper follow her and he'll be hiding in the Cloisters and grab whoever it is. Lily goes but Holden comes to make peace with Damian and ends up delaying him. Damian admits he's sent Lily to the Cloisters. Holden punches him and runs after Lily. Lily makes the drop and Zoe retrieves it. Zac opens the package and sees it's not money but a Pisces pendant. Zoe spots Lily dressed as her mother, Anna Pinnarossa, and follows. But Holden coming after Lily interrupts and Zoe realizes she's been fooled and runs off after pushing Lily into a tree. Damian arrives and Holden is furious that he put Lily in danger. Holden takes Lily to tell the police what happened, while Damian goes back to try to track Zoe. Meanwhile, still held captive, Luke and Noah see a framed photo of Zoe with her mother. They knock the photo down and use the shards to cut themselves loose. They are about to escape when Zac and Zoe return. Zac shoots Noah in the arm and they get tied up again. Zoe says she wants them punished for desecrating the memory of her mother and Zac agrees Lily needs to be eliminated because she saw Zoe. Holden tells Lily he'll never forgive Damian for putting her in danger and Lily cries that all she wants is her son.

Meg lets Paul see she's bought sexy underwear and says it's just to make herself feel good. She tells Paul she's taking Eliza to the hospital for a doctor's appointment while he is in a meeting. Paul is suspicious, cancels his meeting and goes to the hospital where he learns Eliza's appointment isn't until next week. Meg goes to see her mother, then comes home and lies to Paul. When Paul catches her, she admits she went to see her mother, but makes it sound like she's hiding something. Paul reminds her of their deal and she says she remembers he said he'd kill her if he saw her with another man. Paul sees Meg wearing the underwear, talking lovingly on the phone. Meg purposely makes it sound like she's talking to a lover. When Paul questions, she tells him the truth that she was talking to her mother. Paul doesn't believe her and Meg is pleased.

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