As the World Turns Episode Recap, Thursday, April 16, 2009

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Maura West (Carly, As the World Turns)Episode #13,498----Back home at Milltown, Carly promises Parker that she's done drinking. Craig tries to redeem himself with Parker and Liberty by offering her a chance at an internship in Chicago. Parker agrees and Liberty borrows her mother's car and goes for an interview. Parker freaks when she comes home late and accuses her of partying again. Liberty gets upset and says she can't take it, doesn't want to be married anymore. Parker tries to run after her, but Craig stops him. Meanwhile, Janet worries about Parker's possessiveness and Jack says he thinks Craig's plan will backfire, bringing Liberty and Parker closer than ever. Just then, Liberty runs in and tells them she's left Parker.

Craig and Carly meet with a distributor who insists they drink together. Carly throws her drink away. Craig notes she didn't drink and Carly insists it was no big deal even as she struggles to pour her vodka down the drain.

Alison invites Casey to lunch because her mother is going to be at the hospital. Casey goes with Jade to pick up an elderly patient. The car breaks down and Jade makes it worse. They have to wait for a tow and Casey is forced to cancel his lunch with Alison. Alison admits to Susan that she's worried and is having second thoughts about encouraging Casey to work with Jade. Susan tells her she's doing everything right. Jade and Casey finally get to the hospital. Alison sees them laughing together and is taken aback. When Casey asks if she wants to have dinner instead of lunch she pretends she can't.

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