As the World Turns Episode Recap, Monday, September 28, 2009

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Terri Colombino (Katie, As the World Turns)
Episode #13,612----Janet informs Brad and Katie that Liberty's about to meet with a couple who may want to adopt her baby. When Janet discovers Liberty took Parker along for a second opinion, she decides she and Jack should also join Liberty in meeting and assessing the couple. Liberty's distraught when Jack, Janet, Brad and Katie all arrive to give their opinion about the couple who'd like to adopt Liberty's baby. They are all shocked to discover the hopeful couple is none other than Emily and Paul. Emily and Paul are surprised to learn Liberty's pregnant. Parker confirms with Paul he's not the father of Liberty's unborn child. Liberty and Parker leave when the adults can't stop arguing. Emily's hurt that Jack would call her and Paul unfit parents. She and Paul leave. Katie tells Jack, Janet and Brad they've totally turned Liberty off from the option of adoption for her child. Parker defends Paul and Emily's characters to Liberty. Liberty and Parker go to Fairwinds, and Paul and Emily plead their case. Janet and Jack are horrified to learn that Liberty's decided to let Emily and Paul adopt her baby. Emily and Paul toast each other. Brad offends Katie by talking about abortion crassly.

Rosanna and Craig barely recover from their kiss before Craig receives a phone call that Johnny's injured from taking a fall at the playground. They rush to the hospital where they wait for a plastic surgeon to stitch Johnny's cut up. Rosanna stops Craig from screaming at the babysitter. Rosanna teaches Johnny a new game. The doctors can give Johnny no pain medication because he may have a concussion. Craig and Rosanna help distract him while he has his stitches. Johnny requests that Rosanna help take him home. Once there, Craig and Rosanna help put Johnny to bed. They bond over their shared experience and make love.

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