As the World Turns Episode Recap, Monday, November 23, 2009

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Episode #13,652----Jack wants Simon to come back to Oakdale to help Katie but Simon is relucant to do so. The Dells are about to buy a painting from Simon, but Jack swaps out the copy that Simon was going to sell them, with the original. An expert authenticates the painting, making Simon furious. He finally agrees to come to Oakdale, then disappears.

Noah does come to live at Lily's house, and is appreciative, but tries to keep his emotional distance from Luke. Luke runs into Rob, an actor from the movie and

Luke asks him and the crew for help in finishing Noah's movie.

Kim offers Molly a job, to fill the news magazine vacancy on WOAK. Holden invites Molly to stay at the farm. Molly wonders if Lily will be angry and Holden doesn't care if she is.

Meg invites Officer Grady to town to put the pressure on Damian, who brushes the threat aside, reminding Meg that Grady had a head injury and his testimony could be dismissed. Meg reminds Damian she knows his secret (that he kept the DNA test results about Holden to himself) and has the upper hand here.

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