As the World Turns Episode Recap, Monday, May 25, 2009

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Roger Howarth (Paul, As the World Turns)Episode #13,525----Needing money to support Eliza, Paul calls Barbara and asks her to bring money to the airfield near the town where he is staying. Then he returns to Rosanna and asks her to look after Eliza. Back in Oakdale, Lisa overhears Barbara say she's going to the airfield and tells Meg and Damian. Meg and Damian follow Barbara to the airfield but Paul sees all without being seen himself. He phones Barbara to tell her Meg and Damian are on her trail and she'll never see him again. Barbara confronts Meg and Damian and they realize Paul threw away his phone and is gone, so they go home. Paul goes to Rosanna and pleads with her to let him and Eliza stay with her for a little while. She says no.

Casey finds out Alison is getting an award at graduation and plans a celebratory dinner with family. Hunter hears and when he learns Alison's father is not invited, takes it upon himself to track Larry down and send him an invite. Emily finds out and is furious, but is certain Larry won't come. Later, Casey, Alison and Emily are in the Lakeview Lounge when Hunter shows up and feeling bad about his mistake, tells Emily he came just in case to head Larry off. Emily tells him to leave, but Alison has spotted him and invites him to join them. While they're all sittling in at the table, Larry arrives. Alison is shocked to see him.

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