As the World Turns Episode Recap, Monday, June 29, 2009

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Billy Magnussen (Casey, As the World Turns) (c)SOAPDOM/Sue CoflinEpisode #13,550----Riley kneels beside unconscious Margo who has been shot by Col. Mayor. As she revives, he quickly stops referring to her as mom and calls 911. Casey arrives and seeing Riley with a bleeding Margo quickly assumes the worst. He rails at Riley until Margo asks him not to and reveals that Riley is Casey's brother. Casey's shocked but assumes Margo's just lost a lot of blood. The cops arrive and Riley tells a cop his story regarding Col. Mayor. Casey doesn't want anything to do with Riley and goes to find Tom. Casey and Tom come to Margo in the hospital and Casey asks Margo
to tell Tom what she told him. Margo just says Riley saved her life. Confused, Casey then demands the truth from Riley who finally admits his face became disfigured after a bombing in Afghanistan and he thought his new face could give him a new chance at life. Later, when a doubting Casey returns to Margo at the hospital, she tells him she didn't tell Tom about Riley/Adam, and wants Casey not to either. Casey's torn.

Col. Mayer is alive and kidnaps Noah, taking him from Old Town to a military office by the docks. Luke sees Noah's bag on the floor and knows something's up. Luke tells Damian all about Col. Mayer. Noah realizes that his father was the one who stole his DVD, was checking up on him. Mayer wants to take Noah away and live happily ever after but Noah won't abet a fugitive. If Noah joins him, the Colonel will turn himself in. Luke and Damian go to the dock to find out information on Mayer. Meanwhile, Col. Mayer is bleeding from his fight with Riley and just wants to get away. Luke finds them and calls the police. Damian suggests Noah turn his father in, so Noah himself can find some peace.

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