As the World Turns Episode Recap, Monday, August 10, 2009

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Noelle Beck (Lily, As the World Turns)Episode #13,579----Damian and Lily kiss. Lily admits she still has feelings for him, and asks him what he's doing with Meg. Damian asks Lily if she would really take him back, even if he dumped Meg. Lily's adamant that she'll never leave Holden. Damian tells her to stay out of his life and he goes. Meg shows at Damian's hotel room and questions him about Lily. He tells her that despite Lily's feelings for him, his relationship with Meg is all that matters to him. They make love. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, Faith observed Lily and Damian kissing and is distraught. When Lily suggests the family take a vacation together, Faith runs out of the room. Holden has to get to Kentucky for a meeting, so Lily promises she'll arrive soon with Luke and Faith in tow. Luke tries to establish from Faith what's bothering her but she's cryptic, only admitting that she thinks their mother is a phony. Holden leaves for his trip without them.

Katie takes Audrey to tea so Henry can once again search her room for clues. He finds a few of his belongings in a kit labeled as a DNA sample. Audrey receives a note during tea and rushes out. Katie tells Henry about Audrey's strange behavior so he decides to follow her. She arrives at a clinic and Henry confronts her. He accuses her of keeping him from her father and being a murderer. Audrey admits that while she hasn't killed anyone she has kept him from knowing his father's true identity. She asks him if he wants to know his father's real name and reveals - it's James Stenbeck.

Barbara finds Paul in the Fairwinds wine cellar, drunk, and tries to convince him to go to a clinic she's picked out for him. Emily defends Paul, but suddenly he agrees to go with Barbara - if Emily can come with him. Barbara relents. When they arrive at the clinic Paul distracts Barbara while Emily conks her over the head with a wine bottle. They stuff her in the backseat and Paul goes to tell the clinic he won't be residing there. He finds the place deserted until he stumbles across James.

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