As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, March 27, 2009

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Roger  Howarth (Paul, As the World Turns)Episode #13,484----Craig comes to take Carly to the dock to see their first shipment of vodka off. Carly is upset about Parker and doesn't want to go, but he convinces her. While there, they drink to keep warm then drink more when they get home and end up in bed together. Meanwhile, Janet convinces Jack to go talk to Carly about the kids. He walks in on Carly and Craig in bed and storms out. Back at home, Janet accuses him of caring too much about Carly. Carly's upset but Craig notes Jack has no hold over her anymore and they go back to bed.

Paul forces Lucy to agree to help him get Dusty away from Meg. Craig calls Lucy from the dock and asks her to stay with Johnny. Worried Lucy goes to the dock and makes sure Cesar doesn't say anything about her to Craig. She asks Craig if she can take Johnny to Chicago. He refuses but Carly convinces him to relent. Lucy calls Dusty and asks if he wants to go to Chicago with them. Dusty agrees and Lucy tells Paul. Paul then uses the information to try to put a wedge between Meg and Dusty. But when Meg learns Dusty is with Johnny she tells Paul she doesn't care if he's with Lucy, she's not worried. Lucy makes a gentle play for Dusty but he doesn't respond. Paul threatens to tell Craig that Dusty is with Johnny if Meg doesn't bring Eliza for an unscheduled visit, forcing her to stay with him while he cares for the baby.

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