As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, August 28, 2009

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Jon Hensley (Holden, As the World Turns)Episode #13,593----Liberty is not feeling well. Janet thinks she just has a bug, but Teri knows better, has seen what was in Liberty's bag and knows she's pregnant. Liberty doesn't want Teri to tell anyone but Teri thinks Craig can help. They'll take her to Chicago to discuss options. Liberty tells Janet she wants to go there to look at colleges with Mackenzie, but Janet insists she stay home.

Meg wants Damian to make love to her. He tells her to meet him back at his hotel room. Damian then gets a call from Lily, who has gone to work to get her mind off Holden. She wants him to stop by, and he does. Meg dolls herself up and hears from Faith that

Lily is working at the foundation, where Damian has gone also. Faith is upset with Lily for seeming not to be upset about Holden, but Lily insists she needs to get her life going and working might help her keep it together.

Holden tries to talk sense into Maeve, who he calls saner and smarter than her husband. Maeve tries talking to Eb, who won't budge. Maeve knows the only way Eb will let Holden go is if he gets the money he is expecting.

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