As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, August 21, 2009

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Trent Dawson (Henry, As the World Turns)Episode #13,588----With Emily's support, Paul calls the police on James, saying he's at the Lakeview. Henry sees the police in the lobby and runs upstairs to fetch James, and hides him in the boiler room. The cops go upstairs to find only Vienna, but no James. Audrey wants James to forget about Paul and give his love - and his money - to Audrey and Henry. Barbara and Paul go to the police station and hear that James wasn't there. Figuring he was tipped off, Barbara meets with Vienna and encourages her to tell them where James is. She tells Paul, and the police come to bring James in. Paul meets with him in the interrogation room, happy to have taken a stand against his father. But James isn't upset with him, he's proud that Paul is acting like his son.

Craig, Rosanna and Parker all want to see Carly, but only one person can go. Craig says it should be him, for loving Carly and frankly, for paying for her rehab. Rosanna wants to go, but he calls her a bitch. Parker wants to go, but he can't, and instead goes out on his bike, eventually sparing Liberty from Tony's advances. Liberty is a little strange around Parker, who says he was consoling his cousin Faith, who'd lost her father. Liberty flashes to making love to Tony and covers, says she's fine. Craig does go to the rehab center but doesn't get to see Carly. He goes home and tells Parker that Carly does love him very much. Rosanna is touched that Craig was so thoughtful just then.

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