Sneak Peeks Week of May 29, 2006

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While in the car with Nick, Carly and Katie try to reason with him. Do they have any effect? Well, not exactly the way they had intended as Nick pulls a gun on the ladies. What does he plan to do with the meddling blondes? Are their lives in danger?

Across town, Luke comes face to face with his father. Will he be happy that Damian is back in Oakdale? Not quite, as he says he wants no part of him. But will Damian be able to change his mind? How will Damian feel about his son being gay?

Elsewhere, Paul tells Meg he’s going to be a part of his child’s life. How will she react to the news? Will she accept it or is it too much for her to deal with? Then there’s Emily. How will she take the fact that Paul doesn’t want her, but intends to help raise their baby?

Meanwhile, Barbara tells Jen that she can arrange for secret meetings between her and Paul without Dusty knowing. Will Jen take her mother up on her offer? Or is she adamant about cutting her brother out of her life?

Over in the teen set, Will begs Maddie to keep mum about his cheating. Will she stay loyal to Will? Or does she run and tell Gwen? Get your fill of teen angst and everyone else’s this week on As the World Turns.