Sneak Peeks Week of May 22, 2006

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Paul changes his mind where Emily is concerned. Does this mean he isn’t divorcing her? Don’t worry, that’s still going through, but he does alter his decision about their baby. Does this mean he really wants to be a part of his child’s life? How will this affect Emily? And what about Meg?

Across town, Katie goes to Jack with evidence against Nick. Will he buy what she has to say? Or does he burst Katie’s bubble?

Over in Milltown, Carly is attacked in her basement. Who’s lurking around the source of the big mystery? What does he want with Carly? Furthermore, will he shed any light on who killed Maya?

Elsewhere, Maddie accuses Will of cheating in order to graduate. How did she find out what he was up to? Will he fess up? Does she tell anyone else about Will’s plan to get through his final days of school?

Meanwhile, Luke accuses Lily of having someone spy on him. We know she can’t accept his sexual orientation, but would she really do such a thing? She insists she didn’t hire anyone, so then who is following Luke? You’re gonna love the answer; so don’t miss a minute of As the World Turns this week.