Sneak Peeks Week of May 15, 2006

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Hal orders Emily’s arrest. Will she really be carted off to jail? Or does someone have a plan to set her free?

At the same time, Jennifer is worried that Dusty is obsessed with Emily getting what’s coming to her. Is she right? Is getting even with his captor the only thing on his mind? It seems so, but Jennifer offers him a deal that she hopes will calm him down. What does she tell him she’ll do if he forgets about Em? Will he take her up on it?

Across town, Carly finds the St. Christopher medal in Nick’s wallet. What will she do with it? Thinking Jack will be thrilled with the damning evidence, she high tails it over to him. But is she right? Is Jack grateful for her help? Or does he just think she’s meddling again

Elsewhere, Maddie comes on to Casey. Will her seduction attempts be welcomed or rebuffed? It seems the latter, as he turns her down flat. Why the cold shoulder all of a sudden? How will Maddie take the rejection? Meanwhile, Lily tells Lucinda that Luke is gay. How will grandma Walsh react to this news? Not as Lily expected. Does that mean Lucinda is accepting, or does she blow her lid? More importantly, will Lily ever come to terms with it herself? Jump in and mix things up with Oakdale’s finest this week on As the World Turns.