Sneak Peeks Week of June 19, 2006

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Holden comes in and sees Lily unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. What does he do? Well, he immediately rips into Damian blaming him for her condition. Will his nemesis turn around and finger his son for Lily’s fall? Or will Luke fess up himself? And will Lily be okay?

At the same time, Paul learns Emily risked their baby’s life in order to save Jennifer’s child. How does he feel about this? He’s none too pleased as he accuses Emily of using the situation to gain her freedom. Is he right? Or could Em possibly have acted strictly out of compassion?

Over on the cruise ship of love, Simon and Katie come face to face. That should be quite a reunion, but how will Katie react to seeing her long lost love? You’ll have watch and see, but the more pressing question is, how will she react when he kisses her?

Back on dry land, Casey encounters a stranger who’s looking for his mother. Who is this mystery man and what does he want with Margo? More importantly, how does he know Maddie?

Elsewhere, Gwen invites Jade to stay with her and Will. What?! Yes, you read it right, Will’s wife asks his one night stand to live with them. How cozy! But how does Will react to this turn of events? Furthermore, will Gwen learn of their tryst? Sit back, get comfortable and let the drama wash over you this week on As the World Turns.