Sneak Peeks: Week of April 17, 2006

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Meg is arrested for Dusty’s murder this week. Will she be able to prove that Dusty is really alive and that she’s innocent? She tries to convince Jennifer of this, but will she believe her? Across town, Carly discovers Sage is missing. Where did she go? Carly calls the police station for help. Just who should answer the phone? That would be none other than Nick. Will he come rushing over to help the damsel in distress? Of course he does, but how will Jack react when he finds out Nick came running in Carly’s time of need? Meanwhile, the author of “Oakdale Confidential” is revealed to all. Will Katie step forward and claim her success? Since she doesn’t want to ruin her marriage by admitting she exposed Mike’s secrets, she convinces someone else to take the credit. Who does she sweet talk into covering for her? How will it go over with the residents of Oakdale? At the same time, Luke tries to get back together with Kevin. Will his attempts at reconciliation work? Or will Kevin rebuff his advances? Lives are spinning out of control, so jump on the ride that is As the World Turns and watch them unravel this week.