As the World Turns Sneak Peeks Week of February 4, 2008

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{mosimage}It’s going to feel as if you’ve entered an alternate universe when visiting Oakdale this week. Still hoping to find the real culprit behind Dusty’s death, Paul and Emily break into Chris’ new room. Will they leave empty-handed? The most surprising development, however, comes later from Emily when she confesses all to Margo about her past as a hooker. Emily tell the truth? What will be Margo’s reaction to this knowledge? It’s quite possible she falls off her chair but once she regains her composure how will Emily’s information play in to Dusty’s murder investigation?

Meanwhile, Lily continues to do her best to have Holden cleared of all charges regarding Dusty’s murder, especially since she is to blame for his capture. Strung out and drugged on that infamous night, it is difficult for her to recall what really went down but does catch a break when Lily gets the results of the lab test Dusty had run to prove that Chris was guilty of causing his father’s stroke! It sounds too good to be true. Why does the word “inconclusive” keep popping into our heads?

At the same time, Sam’s behavior remains erratic turning into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when the need suits him and that always seems to coincide with a private moment spent with Parker. The Oakdale newbie makes yet another veiled threat towards Parker! When will someone listen to this boy when he tells them Sam is bad news? Let’s hope Carly and Jack catch on before it’s too late.

Even worse off than Parker is Hallie, who is under the care of Barbara; the fatigue associated with her disease causes Bab’s to fall into a deep sleep unaware of Gwen and Will’s return who immediately notice their little girl is missing! Will Barbara finally be forced to tell her family about her diagnosis for oral cancer? See which way Barbara decides to go by tuning in to As the World Turns this week!

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