As the World Turns Sneak Peeks Week of February 18, 2008

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{mosimage}Parker is full of anger, confusion and sadness following the shooting of Sam. Lucky for him, his mother, Carly, is by his side to offer him some sort of comfort. In this kind of situation she makes a promise only a mother can make- she vows to Parker that she will not let him go to jail. It is a risky promise, but Parker does have many well-intentioned in addition to well-connected people willing to help him and find a way out of this self-made hell for him. What lengths will Carly go to in order to save her son?

On the other side of town, it would appear that some sort of aphrodisiac is in the air. First, Lily and Holden begin to make love only they are interrupted. What could be so important that it prevents this destined couple from reuniting? Could it be the appearance of Bonnie that stops them? Elsewhere, straight out of left field, Brad decides that he likes what he sees in Bonnie and would want to date her. Is he simply trying to make Katie jealous or is does he hold a real spark for Bonnie? A little more mysterious, however, Meg finds a red rose with a note and thinks it’s from Paul…. But her theory proves wrong! Who is her secret admirer? None other than Craig who ensures Paul will pay for his attacks against this Montgomery!

Finally, Aaron makes the difficult decision to testify on Will and Gwen’s behalf. Will his testimony make all the difference and force Sophie to vanish any hope she has in reclaiming her daughter?Oakdale may have the reputation of a nice and quite country town, but everyone who anyone knows if you want to return with some good stories to tell your friends about your vacation Oakdale is the place to go!

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