As the World Turns Sneak Peeks Week of February 11, 2008

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{mosimage}The activities in Oakdale cover a broad spectrum; there is a murder, guilt, thievery and a poker party. First off, the menacing Sam, who always seemed to have nefarious dealings on his plate, is dead! The way in which the visitor died will raise even more questions. Don’t believe us? Even G-man Jack is shocked to learn the truth about Sam’s death! It wasn’t a secret that Parker distrusted the man his mother recently brought into their home, but no child could commit such a heinous crime. Or could he?

Elsewhere, it’s not that easy for a tiger to change his spots. Even after all the trouble he found himself in previously, and paid for with jail time, Casey still does not seem to have learned his lesson because he has no qualms about stealing money from his job. What does he intend on using the money for? Later on, two of Oakdale’s men participate in taking some loot on their own. That’s right! Henry invites Brad to a poker game. What’s at stake? Maybe, Katie!

On the other side of town, Lucinda is haunted by her guilt over Dusty’s death. Although she did not have a direct hand in the slaughter, her less-than-shady business dealings with Evan would eventually lead to the man’s death. Will the loss of Dusty finally allow Lucinda to have a change of heart and discover life isn’t about money and daring trades?

Finally, in an effort to move his relationship in the right direction, Paul asks Meg to work for him. How will she respond? Remember, she is still reeling from her miscarriage and the pain caused by Rosanna and Craig. Predictably, Sofie realizes that giving up one’s child isn’t as easy as she thought and as she begins the proceedings to regain custody of the child she gave to Will and Gwen but only after he accuses Aaron for betraying her! All Aaron did was done in an effort to help Sofie make the best decisions because there was no one else to turn to! Has the young girl lost so much in such a short period of time that the only way she believes she can feel loved is if she cradles her own baby in her arms night after night? It looks as if Will and Gwen have a heavy fight on their hands, so be sure and catch all the twists and turns by watching As The World Turns this week!

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