As the World Turns Sneak Peeks Week of 8-16-10

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Roger Howarth (Paul, ATWT)As the storytelling on As the World Turns begins to wrap up all the intricacies of 52 years on the air, things turn to romance – as they should in soaps – when Blackthorn kisses Janet. The question is does she return the affection?

As Janet deals with Blackthorn's advances, Lily decides it is time to get down to business – literally. First on the agenda? She asks Craig if she can invest in WorldWide. Will he be open to the suggestion? More importantly, what does Lily have up her sleeve by making such a request?

Meanwhile, Luke finds himself the go-to guy for both Noah and Reid this week when they share with him their plans and recent activities. First up, Noah confides in Luke when he discusses his future in LA. Is Luke happy or sad about Noah's plans? Shortly thereafter, Reid opens up and confesses to Luke that he has been caring for Chris. How will Luke deal with this latest reveal from Reid?

While in more dire developments, a fire starts in the Fairwinds Wine Cellar. It's not long before Henry, Will and Paul follow the scent of smoke to the wine cellar. Will they save the day, themselves, the wine and Fairwinds before it's too late? Find out when you tune in to As the World Turns this week.

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