As the World Turns Sneak Peeks Week of 7-19-10

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Jesse Soffer (Will, ATWT)How well we all know that things have not gone Vienna's way. This week is no different when it all comes crashing down on her and she goes into hiding. But is that the best choice?

Meanwhile, Will and Gwen are on the hunt and their efforts soon lead them to Barbara's room. You can imagine how shocked they are at what they find there. What could it be? Speaking of Gwen, at her prodding, Iris agrees to leave town.

At the same time, Lily has a heart to heart with her mother and tells Lucinda that she closed the deal. However, Lucinda does not take the news as well as Lily would expect and she can't help but be surprised by her mother's response. What is Lucinda's position on the issue?

Shortly thereafter, Jack and Dusty form an unusual alliance when they team up to discover why Blackthorn is in town. Do they get to the bottom of the situation? Then, in some romantic developments, while at their pre-wedding interview, Molly and Holden discuss their relationship. Does the conversation bring them closer together or drive them farther apart? Could their wedding be in jeopardy as a result? Only one way to find out. Tune in to As the World Turns all this week.

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