As the World Turns Sneak Peeks Week of 5-3-10

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Michael Park (Jack, ATWT)Although Ali and Casey parted ways, thus sparing us viewers from being tortured by their boring relationship, it seems they haven't gotten each other completely out of their systems. When Ali finds out that Casey was hurt by seeing her with Chris, she is disappointed. Will she be disappointed enough to put on the brakes with Chris?

On the other side of Oakdale, instead of wallowing in her tears over her breakup with Henry, Barbara hits the streets and goes on a blind date. Is there a new "Mr. Right" waiting in the wings? Speaking of Henry, he finds himself in a compromising situation when he awakens. How will he get himself out of this one?

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of Monte Carlo being burnt to a crisp, Carly puts two and two together and gets that Craig is the culprit—but, why? Also, Jack encourages Janet not to go back to work so soon after her father's funeral. Will she listen and take time to grieve her loss? Keep the tube glued to As the World Turns all week to find out.

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