As the World Turns Sneak Peeks Week of 5-17-10

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Eileen Fulton (Lisa, ATWT)Lily has tons on her mind this week, but that doesn't stop her from pinning down Craig where family is concerned. In no uncertain terms, she makes him promise to be a good father. Will he be able to live up to her expectations?

At the same time, it's time to celebrate an Oakdale milestone so Tom, Kim, and Bob waste no time in agreeing to throw Lisa a 50th anniversary party. Speaking of Lisa, she does her show at Metro celebrating her 50th anniversary. With all these festive celebrations going on, are denizens in for surprises or will everything go off without a hitch?

Meanwhile, Vienna can't contain her hidden agenda any longer. She reveals a big secret. To whom does she confide this news? More importantly, what will they do with the newfound info? Has Vienna dug herself into one giant whole?

Shortly thereafter, things take a dire turn when Katie and Chris get trapped. Does anyone come to their rescue before it's too late? As if that weren't enough, it's not long before Luke is pressured into being forthcoming with Noah. Does he come clean? If so, how will Noah cope with the situation? The week winds down as news of Gabriel and Craig's relationship travels fast. Who in Oakdale will be most affected? Stay tuned to As the World Turns this week to find out.

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