As The World Turns Sneak Peeks Week of 12-21-09

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Marie Wilson (Meg, As the World Turns)Try as she might, Katie can't say goodbye to Brad, and she continues to reconnect with him through Henry. Her former lover Simon has the opportunity to stay in town, thanks to some job leads, but will Katie encourage him to remain or does she ask that he leave?

Meg's officially gone nuts, and placed in Deerbrook, she battles her demons and those that Damian places upon her. Not letting him off the hook, her hearing takes place and she confronts him. Who thinks Meg going crazy for this guy is crazy in itself?

Elsewhere, Ali tells Mick that she dreamt about him in a church, and this information seems to upset him. It's obvious he's up to no good, but what is he hiding? Meanwhile, Barbara's focused on another guy that's always up to no good -- James Stenbeck. She attempts to collect evidence to prove he's really dead. C'mon, now! James is never ‘really' dead.

Also, it's Christmas in Oakdale. What surprises are in store for the denizens this holiday? Tune in to As the World Turns this week to find out.

As the World Turns will air a new episode on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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