As the World Turns Sneak Peeks Week of 1-25-10

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Billy Magnussen (Casey, ATWT)Having seemed to be back on track, Carly falls off the wagon and takes a drink. Is it her ever-present men troubles or just the longing for an alcoholic beverage that leads her to the bottle? Will anyone catch wind of her slip up before she lands herself back in a treatment center?

Meanwhile, crazy Meg is still....well....crazy, and determined to make Damian hurt as much as he hurt her. She tries to get the upper hand on him, but loses. If Meg doesn't snap out of it and come to her senses soon, this is going to be the longest winter ever! As for her brother Holden, he might need some help of his own when he puts himself in harms way. Will his good guy routine ultimately cause more damage than good?

Also in store, Paul is shocked to hear Emily's voice, and Casey and Tom have a conversation about Casey's future. Here's hoping it consists of more than just playing Guitar Hero and hanging around Oakdale hot spots. What exactly does he have planned for himself? You'll have to keep it locked to As the World Turns this week to see what plays out.

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