As the World Turns Sneak Peeks Week of 1-18-10

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Van Hansis (Luke, ATWT)The start of the New Year isn't turning out to be happy or healthy for many of our Oakdale faves (and not so faves). With Meg nuts and all, Holden and Molly become suspicious of Sharkey after he assures Damian that Meg is safely sedated. Liberty has leukemia, and Dusty does his best to support her and help her keep up the fight against the illness. Noah's in bad shape and needs help of his own, but unfortunately Dr. Reid Oliver tells Luke that he does not think Noah's case is all that unusual or interesting and refuses to visit Oakdale to see him. That's kind of harsh, Dr. Oliver. Geez.

However, with so much gloom and doom on the scene, there's still happiness to be found. Jack and Carly have been apart for a while now, but their love for each other never dies. The kissage between the two has finally resumed, and lucky for us, they keep at it. Looks like Janet is quickly becoming a distant memory for Jack.

All this, plus Paul is elated that Emily is showing signs of improvement. Odds are that Mick isn't through with her, though. Can Paul and Emily beat him at whatever his game is? See for yourself by keeping it glued to As the World Turns.

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