As the World Turns Sneak Peeks Final Week of 9-13-10

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Michael Park, Maura WestSniff Sniff...

After 13,857 episodes and 52 years on the air, the time draws near for us to bid our final farewells to our friends and family in Oakdale. Get your hankies ready because Friday, September 17, 2010, CBS Daytime airs episode #13,858 – the show that marks the end of the series. So it is definitely a must see week for all As the World Turns fans, as well as any soap fan in general. The writers, producers and actors have done an exceptional job wrapping up all the loose ends as characters look toward the future in hope, love and friendship.

Speaking of the future, as the week begins, Jack and Carly are interrupted when discussing what lies ahead for them. Who intrudes? More importantly, what will Jack and Carly choose to do -- remain friends with benefits, or will they bite the bullet again and wed once more? What do Sage and Parker want for them? Will they get their wish?

As Carly and Jack ponder what's ahead for them, Janet is taken to the hospital. Is something wrong with the pregnancy, or is she simply having contractions? We don't want to spoil any surprises, but we will share this. Everyone present pulls together to help get Janet to the hospital.

Meantime, she's back. We speak of course of Rosanna who returns to town with one thing on the agenda -- to mend fences with Carly. Is Carly happy to see her? Will the two sisters reach a new understanding and choose to forget their past differences?

In other developments, Lily takes matters into her own hands where Holden and Molly are concerned. In fact, her gentle prodding encourages them to take a hard look at their situation. Does Lily actually get them to make up? Find out when you tune in to As the World Turns and help celebrate its long time run this week.

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