CBS President Les Moonves Tosses Soaps Aside

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Marie Masters (Susan, As the World Turns)In the tail end of an interview with CNN reporter, David Farber, head of CBS, Les Moonves, is asked about the cancelation of As the World Turns today.  You wouldn't believe his response.  This is his reply:

"The days of the soap opera have changed very much. Guiding Light left earlier this year and As the World Turns will leave later next year. They've had long

and distinguished runs and their days are over."

"Their days are over." Just like that.  Done deal.

Moonves is actually smirking as he says this. The kicker here is that the interviewer's wife is the daughter of Marie Masters who has played Susan Dr. Susan Stewart on and off As the World Turns since 1968.

The Gawker's Brian Moylan tells the whole story, complete with the video of the interview.  Stick through it to the end, which is when the egregious comments about the cancelation occur.  With network leadership feeling this way about a daytime institution, it's no wonder CBS hasn't canceled the Bold and the Beautiful and the Young and the Restless as well.  To what? Put some asinine game show on in its place, or yet another talk show? We are so over saturated with those as it is.  Talk about television going down the tubes.

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