As the World Turns DVD collection a hit, new Christmas DVD released

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Mark YatesAs the World Turns fans you rock!  You were missing your soap and you really stepped up when the As the World Turns DVD collection was released in October.

The As the World Turns DVD collection is now officially known as a "hit!"

Mark Yates, President of Soap Classics, the distribution company that compiled the collection commented "we were astonished at the outpouring of support for our 20 ATWT Classics release. The fans really miss the series and its characters. They think of them like old friends and family members."

As noted above, the 20 ATWT classics episodes release is officially dubbed a hit by Yates and company!

You guys done good. So good in fact that just in time for the holidays, the brand new, Christmas in Oakdale DVD was released today.

As promised, Yates said that if the support for the first collection proved enthusiastic, there would be more, and it turns out, he's a man of his word!

Yates continued "Because the fans are so fond of these characters, we thought they would appreciate an opportunity to reunite with them at Christmas. We loved these characters too, and we wanted this disc to be kind of like going to a Christmas  party with all our old ATWT friends.  We think the fans will really enjoy it."

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